Twins listed as Top 5 trade destination for Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Not only were the Twins mentioned but they seem to be high on the list of places Vlad Jr. could end up.
Minnesota Twins vs. Toronto Blue Jays
Minnesota Twins vs. Toronto Blue Jays / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

It's still unclear what the true identity of this year's Minnesota Twins team is, but we've seen both side of the Jekyll and Hyde act and it's clear which one fans prefer.

Some consistency with the Twins would be nice, as the team has vacillated between streaks of winning and losing that has given us all whiplash with how fast things can change. Despite this, the Twins have displayed on more than enough occassions that they're a good team and it's all about harnessing that talent.

It's partly why the team hasn't been written off as contenders in the American League and it's probably why they're getting linked in early blockbuster trade rumors.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. trade proposal is a no-brainer for the Twins

Something the Twins got a front row seat to last weekend was how bad the Toronto Blue Jays are right now. It's to the point where's Mark Feinsand noted that the Jays might not be opposed to trading Vladimir Guerrero Jr., which is where Minnesota rather stunningly enters the picture.

Bleacher Report went looking for some landing spots if the Blue Jays actually decide to trade Vlad Jr., and the Twins not only showed up on the list but landed in the Top 5. Beyond that, the trade proposal that was attached to the blurb would be an absolute no-brainer if Toronto agreed to it in real life.

It's all purely speculative, but the fact that the Twins are even in this conversation at a national level is pretty cool.

Vlad Jr Trade

This would be a Dumb and Dumber moment where just when we thought the Twins couldn't get any cheaper, after all they did, the front office goes out and totally redeems itself.

On the surface, Derek Falvey and Thad Levine would need to make this trade call wearing ski masks since it seems like an absolute heist. Guerrero is underperforming at the moment, but he's a fringe superstar who has shown the ability to be a game wrecker in the past. He offers the power the Twins need in their lineup, fills a need at first base, and instantly makes the team better -- and even more so when Royce Lewis returns.

Speaking of return, if all the Twins need to give up is Gabriel Gonzalez and some cash, then the deal feels like a no-brainer. Already it's felt like the Jorge Polanco trade has been a total bust, but flipping Gonzalez for Vlad Guerrero would tie the most unexpected bow around that deal.

Of course, the biggest hangup is money. Not only does this proposal have the Twins sending cash back to Toronto but it has hem absorbing all of Guerrero's $19.9 million salary. Minnesota started dumping fuel almost immedietly this past offseason, so the idea that they'd take on what would be the second-highest contract on the books borders on fantasy.

Still, the trade makes the Twins better right now, and potentially for the next two years. Guerrero is under team control until 2026 when he's a free agent which means the deal is even better if it's a one-for-one with a top prospect that Minnesota might not call up anytime soon.

It's all a work of fiction at this point, but the Twins getting mentioned in the conversation is at least a cool takeaway and the idea that this actually makes some sense is something to chew on as the deadline approaches.

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