AL Central rival is being linked to an absolutely insane trade rumor

It would be good for the Twins, and hilarious for the Tigers.
One of the Minnesota Twins AL Central rivals are rumored to be thinking about a pretty insane trade ahead of the deadline.
One of the Minnesota Twins AL Central rivals are rumored to be thinking about a pretty insane trade ahead of the deadline. / David Berding/GettyImages

As the MLB trade deadline rapidly approaches, the rumor mill is starting to spin at a rate that almost seems hazardous. In the coming weeks, trade speculation will be whispered and echo across the league, something that the Minnesota Twins have already been a part of.

Most of the time these rumors end up being nothing more than that. While the Twins have been linked to guys like Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Bo Bichette, and Jesus Luzardo, it's highly unlikely that a deal ends up going any further than being conversation fodder.

It's not just the Twins who have been subjected to blockbuster rumors. The Detroit Tigers are becoming popular picks to be sellers at the deadline as they sink further down the AL Central standings, with things getting so wild that Tarik Skubal has been tossed into the rumor mill winds.

Tigers rumored to be listening to trades for Tarik Skubal ahead of trade deadline

Take it with a massive grain of salt, the size you'd need to stomach a local beat writer speculating about Los Angeles making a blockbuster deal, but Skubal has officially been tangentially linked to the Dodgers.

Even the speculation is caveated with serious doubt that the Tigers would move Skubal, but Blake Harris talked to a few MLB executives who believe the Dodgers could make a Godfather offer to land the young ace.

Like most rumors, it makes sense from a certain point of view. The Tigers aren't exactly on a timeline to challenge the Twins in the near future and faded pretty fast after going toe-to-toe with the Guardians for AL Central supremecy.

To that end, tarding Skubal for a massive haul of future assets isn't a terrible idea. In that sceanrio, the Tigers would be betting that Cleveland's weak farm system becomes their undoing and the Twins frugalness continues to stunt their growth. Kansas City is always a wild card but they are already starting to regress back to the mean after a hot start, while the White Sox are basically in that prison pit from The Dark Knight Rises and have a long climb out.

Skubal is also in his late-20s, so he might not fit a timeline for Detroit to challenege with a young roster in a few years. That being said, he's an ace of the staff and a pitcher teams would sell their soul to add to its rotation.

Los Angeles emptying the tank to land him tells you all you need to know about his value. Detroit could cash in early and potentially setup a strong future, but parting ways with a potential Cy Young winning pitcher is a bold move and not exactly the best signal to send to fans.

It would massively benefit the Twins in the short-term, even if the long-term might get dicey, while taking another team out of the AL Central race this season.

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