Minnesota Twins reveal release date for new City Connect uniforms

We are finally about to see what the Twins new uniforms will look like.
Division Series - Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Four
Division Series - Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Four / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

Things couldn't be going better for the Minnesota Twins after how the season started a month ago.

After limping out to a 7-13 start, the Twins ripped off a 12-game winning streak and won five straight series. Most of those game against bad teams, specifically seven games against the Chicago White Sox, but Minnesota went 5-2 against the Red Sox and Mariners -- teams with winning records.

For what it's worth, the White Sox have gone on a tear since getting rocked by the Twins, wininng seven of their next eight games including a victory over Cleveland.

Minnesota has bounced back nicely and things seem to be set up for the team to keep the winning ways going. A cherry on top of the good times came in the form of an update on the Twins' City Connect uniforms, which are set to debut very soon.

Twins tease new uniforms, reveal City Connect release date

After an initial announcement during the offseason, the Twins dropped more information about their upcoming City Connect uniforms.

We don't know what they look like yet, but will get our first look at them on June 10th with the Twins officially debuting them on June 14th against the A’s.

Twins fans are completely in the dark about what these City Connect uniforms will look like, but the specualtion over the last few months might have given us some insight. The Twins could go any number of directions with the uniforms, but something powder blue with 'MSP' on it seems like a move the team would make.

Royce Lewis shared some fan art of what these uniforms could look like, and it seems pretty realistic.

Whether that's the best route to go is another story. The Twins have a chance to honor both the city they play in and the team's history with these uniforms; that's what the City Connects are supposed to pay tribute to.

One place to look for potential inspiration is the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Wolves have debuted a number of different City Edition uniforms and it seems MLB is following pretty closely in the spirit of what the NBA is doing.

That means we could get something like the cystal blue lake uniforms the Wolves wore, or the Prince themed ones that were the original City Editions. There's a chance First Avenue gets worked in, or past color schemes the Twins have rocked merged with something that has to do with the identity of Minneapolis.

Either way, the Twins are getting new uniforms soon and that alone is reason to be excited.

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