Did Royce Lewis leak the Twins City Connect jersey?

The Twins star is out there stirring the pot ahead of the team revealing new City Connect uniforms

Division Series - Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Four
Division Series - Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Four / David Berding/GettyImages

While Minnesota Twins fans haven't had a lot to get excited about this winter, there have been somethings that have gotten the baseball blood pumping.

Trading Jorge Polanco was a bummer but the deal netted four players from Seattle, including someone who could be everyone's new favorite sidearm reliever in Justin Topa. It also freed up some money for the team to sign veteran slugger Carlos Santana, who fills the team's annual quota of signing an aging name-brand player to see if they have anything left in the tank.

We also heard about new uniforms for the Twins as well.

Earlier this week Nike announced that nine teams were officially getting City Connect jerseys added to their rotation, with Minnesota being among that group. No actual uniforms were revealed, but it's had Twins fans and beat writers like Betsy Helfand on the prowl to find out what they'll look like.

Royce Lewis might have provided us a potential glimpse.

Royce Lewis shared some Twins City Connect fan art that we're all hoping is the real deal

To be clear, the uniforms have not been revealed and there's really no timeline for when they will. The assumption is that we'll see something before Opening Day, but for now all we have to go off is our own imagination.

Lewis played into that perfectly.

The Twins star posted some coneptual fan art to his Instagram story, and we're all hoping that what he's showing us ends up being what the team ultimately reveals.

I mean...these would rule so hard.

While the Twins are new to the City Connect scene, MLB has been rolling them out for the last few seasons. In fact the NBA has been doing this for over a half-decade now, with the Timberwolves turning in some absolute gems. Lest we forget those gorgeous purple and black Prince uniforms they had, as well as the fusion 90s throwbacks they wore last season.

The idea with the City Connect uniform is to create something that embraces community pride, or reflects the city a team plays in. The White Sox nailed it with their adittedly awesome South Side uniforms while the Nationals had a great locally inspired set as well.

The powder blue look is very reminscent of a uniform the Timberwolves wore, which leads us to believe this won't be what the final jersey looks like, but it's still a nice thought.

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