3 players Twins could add to replace Carlos Correa after oblique injury

With Carlos Correa expected to miss time, who will step up and replace him?
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Things were already bleak for the Minnesota Twins but they somehow got even worse on Friday night in Detroit.

The last time the Twins were on the road against an AL Central opponent they lost a star player in the bottom of the third inning. Royce Lewis suffered a severe quad strain on Opening Day against the Royals, an injury that will keep him out of action for at least a month if not more.

In eerily similar fashion, the Twins lost Carlos Correa in the bottom of the third inning in the first game of a series on the road against Detroit.

Two opening series games on the road against AL Central rivals cost the Twins star players in the bottom of the third. There's not conspiracy here, just extremely bad luck that Minnesota can't seem to shake.

Correa is expected to spend time on the IL, which means the Twins will have to find a way to replace him despite its roster depth getting depleted to an absolutely dire extent.

3 players Twins could add to replace Carlos Correa

Jair Camargo, C

Minnesota is going to have to act fact to replace Correa, which means making moves with guys who are already on the 40-man roster. Unfortunately, none of the guys who are healthy play shortstop, which further complicates matters.

It doesn't, however, deprive the Twins of having a great prospect to call up.

This isn't how Jair Camargo probably envisioned making his MLB debut, but the injury to Correa means that he's likely going to be the next-man-up. He's already the team's de facto third catcher option, having been added to the 40-man roster back in November to protect him from teh Rule 5 Draft, and the Twins have high hopes for how he might factor into the future.

We're probaby going to see a glimpse of that in Detroit, both due to the Correa injury and the fact that the Twins need to play a doubleheader on Saturday with a severely depleted roster.