Edouard Julien finally got hot at the plate when the Twins needed it the most

It took long enough, but it seems Eddy Julien's bat is finally awake.
Los Angeles Dodgers v Minnesota Twins
Los Angeles Dodgers v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages

It took fewer than ten games for Minnesota Twins to start throwing their hands up in disgust over what they were seeing.

Technically fans are throwing their hands higher, since there's already been plenty of angst building over the course of the winter. Rather than add to a lineup that went on its best postseason run in twnety years, Twins ownership cowered and slashed the team's payroll amid concerns over television rights.

It was the most boring and lame way for the Twins to fall back on their frugal ways, and it didn't do much to get fans excited about a new season. Watching Minnesota go 0-for-34 with RISP didn't help either and a 3-6 start only compounded anger.

Edouard Julien, who was a revelation at the plate last season, struggled mightily out of the gate and was sort of the poster child for how bad the offense looked. After a tremendous rookie season, Julien came into Wednesday's game slashing .107/.194/.250, a farcry from the powerful bat everyone argued needed to be in the lineup.

It seems he might have started to turn things around, though, as his bat came to life in the series finale against the Dodgers.

Edouard Julien finally got hot at the plate when the Twins needed it the most

After his miserable start to the season, Julien went 3-for-4 against Los Angeles and drove in two key runs that helped power the Twins to a much-needed win. It's a victory that ended a miserable four-game losing streak and hopefully is a sign of things to come with Minnesota's offense.

Julien wasted no time in waking up at the plate, hitting a leadoff home run to get things started.

He did it again in the bottom of the fifth, clobbering another solo home run that ended up being the game-winning run for the Twins. Despite the Dodgers' best efforts, Minnesota never gave up the one-run lead Julien gave them.

He also singled in the third inning, turning in an out until the seventh inning and his fourth at-bat of the day.

That's the Julien we're used to seeing, and the one Minnesota needs now more than ever. Losing Royce Lewis on Opening Day was a brutal blow, and the impact of taking his bat out of the lineup was immediately -- and unsurprisingly -- negative.

Julien was already being counted on to be a big part of the offense, and his slice of the pie got even bigger when Lewis went down. That's what made his sluggish start to the season so hard to stomach, because we've seen how good he can be and watching him be disciplined to the point of timidness at the plate was bringing the offense down.

Hopefully his game against the Dodgers on Wednesday is an omen. Tuesday's loss ended with back-to-back home runs by Carlos Correa and Alex Kirilloff, something we hoped would spark the offense into doing something. Julien starting to heat up as well would be exactly what the Twins need at exactly the right time.

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