Early returns from the Twins 2023 draft looks promising

It seems Minnesota Twins scouts found some gems in 2023.
2024 Minnesota Twins Spring Training
2024 Minnesota Twins Spring Training / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

Teams make their draft decisions based on many factors including a combine at Chase Field in Phoenix. At the combine players get put through their paces in front of scouts as they look for the next star.

But for every Royce Lewis and Carlos Correa, there is a Keoni Cavaco. The draft is never a guarantee, no matter where you are picking.

The Twins had three selections in the first two rounds of the 2023 draft: the fifth overall pick, a CB-A (competitive balance) pick, and a later second-round selection. At first glance the results being displayed on the field suggest the Twins scouted well, selecting Walker Jenkins, Charlee Soto, and Luke Keaschall. Each of the three have slotted in as a top-10 prospect in the organization.

Walker Jenkins

With their first-round pick, the Twins took Jenkins a high school player out of North Carolina.

Jenkins instantly became the Twins top prospect in the organization and has shown exactly why early on. In his first 26 games of professional baseball, the left-hander posted an outstanding OPS of .988. In Single-A, his production has slowed a bit, he is slashing .219/.333/.281. However, take these numbers with a grain of salt, as he has only played in 10 games so far and is still warming up.

The hype around Jenkins has been steady, and he is even a popular player in the card collecting world.

Charlee Soto

With the Twins CB-A pick, they opted for another high school prospect in Soto. Soto is a pitching prospect and can light up the radar gun. Soto was the 28th-best prospect according to MLB.com, but the Twins had him fall to them at pick number 34.

At 18 years old, Soto’s fastball is already reaching 98 mph. So far this season, he is 0-2 with a 6.68 ERA. However, Soto is still fairly new to the mound, as he started as a shortstop in high school, so the most important thing for Twins fans is to see him flash his potential on the hill.

Soto showed that potential in his last start, he went four inning, only giving up a run and striking out five.

Luke Keaschall

Arguably the steal of the draft. The Twins selected Keaschall with their second, second-round pick out of Arizona State. Drafted at 49, this pick was seen as a reach as MLB.com had him as the No. 90 prospect.

However, the Twins have struck gold. Keaschall has already found his way to Double-A and might be making his way to Triple-A soon if he keeps hitting the way he is.

Currently slashing .329/.416/.474, Keaschall is accumulating hits in the minors, and the Twins recognized that production by awarding him Minor League Player of the Month for June.

As Keaschall continues to impress, it’s not just the Twins who are taking notice, as his name is currently being circulated in trade talks for All-Star Pete Alonso, this should tell you just how good Keaschall has been.

Between Jenkins, Soto, and Keaschall, the Twins have vastly improved their farm system from one draft. The Twins were able to get their top prospect, a top-level pitching prospect and a diamond in the rough in Keaschall. It's hard to give the Twins anything less than an A+ for this draft.

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