Brock Stewart slams Nike and Fanatics over new Twins uniform

It's safe to say nobody in the Stewart family is happy about the Twins uniforms.
Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals
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Just about everything that could go wrong has when it comes to the rollout of the new Fanatics and Nike MLB uniforms.

It's almost comical at this point, as fans have long held gripes about the horrid quality control Fanatics operates with, so it was hardly surprising to hear that the uniforms they manufactured this year were subpar. How subpar they were has led to a finger pointing Mexican standoff between Fanatics, Nike, and MLB with each side deflecting blame and leaving fans holding the bag.

It's a discolored, mitsmatched sweat stained, bag at that.

For the most part it seems like the Minnesota Twins have avoided any of the more notably embarrassing uniform issues. That doesn't mean players are digging the new threads, as Brock Stewart pointed out how his entire family thinks the uniforms look off.

Brock Stewart slams Nike and Fanatics over new Twins uniform

The Athletic ran a piece detailing the whole fiasco and interviewed some players to get further perspective on how bad things are. Stewart was one of those players and didn't have great things to say after sweating through his Twins uniform during his first appearance of the season.

“It’s a downgrade this year, that’s all I’ll say — it’s a downgrade,” Stewart said. "“My dad was watching the game and said, ‘Some guys look like their jerseys are a different shade of gray than their pants.’”

Stewart isn't alone in his criticism, as Detroit Tigers reliever Andrew Chafin had a brilliant line about how the new uniforms lack the 'crown and big-ass cape' feel of the old ones. He's also not the only player dealing with the sweat issue, as the New York Yankees look like they've been through a car wash by the time they finish half a game.

Nike says that the issues are being fixed, but the consensus seems to be that the overall quality is way below where it used to be. The lettering on the back has been likened to youth jerseys, the colors sometimes don't match the actual team colors, and the Twins are among a handful of teams that haven't even received all of their uniforms yet.

It's been a disaster, and but we'll see if the complaints by Stewart and others end up forcing any change or simply fall on deaf ears.

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