Brock Stewart's reaction to Carlos Correa throwing out Shohei Ohtani is priceless

Nobody was more thankful for that throw than Brock Stewart.
Los Angeles Dodgers v Minnesota Twins
Los Angeles Dodgers v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages

Minnesota's series against the Los Angeles Dodgers was bookended spectacular defenisve plays by the Twins' two best players.

Byron Buxton firmly and officially announced that he was back with a diving catch on Monday night, robbing Teoscar Hernandez of was surely would have been an RBI. On Wednesday Carlos Correa also kept a run off the board, throwing out Shohei Ohtani at home plate on one of the best plays he's made since joining the team.

Alex Kirilloff tracked down a Freddie Freeman hit and relayed the ball to Correa, who threw a laser beam to home plate where Christian Vazquez applied the tag. Initially Ohtani was ruled safe, but video replay overturned the call and the highlight reel play was locked in.

Twins fans watching at home and at Target Field rejoiced, but no one was happier to see the play made than Brock Stewart.

Brock Stewart had the perfect reaction to Carlos Correa throwing out Shohei Ohtani

Stewart was on the mound for the seventh inning trying to preserve what had been a fantastic start by Chris Paddack. With the Dodgers knocking on the door of tying a one-score game, Stewart would have been charged with the run had Ohtani crossed home successfully.

Correa's throw ensured that wouldn't happen, and after the game Stewart dropped a wicked line about just how grateful he was.

Stewart is on the low end of the team's anemic payroll, so $200 goes a long way. It's a small token of gratitude, though, and he probably could have gotten Twins fans to chip in as a way of thanking Correa for making the play.

It was more than just an out that Correa recorded. Minnesota has been on the struggle bus to start the season but that play -- in combination with some building momentum -- might be a a gear shift.

Tuesday's game ended with Correa and Kirilloff hitting back-to-back home runs in a 6-3 loss, but this time around they helped preserve a win. The lead they were protecting was thanks to Edouard Julien clubbing a pair of home runs earlier in the game, a potential sign that he and the rest of the Twins offense might start waking up.

It's just one game and one spectacular play, but it means a heck of a lot more than what showed up in the box score. For Stewart is was worth a $200 bottle of wine, but for Twins fans its a sign of hope that things might finally begin to turn around and the team will finally begin to play like we all know it's capable of -- which is better than what we've seen.

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