Byron Buxton turned in his first highlight reel play of the year, and it was glorious

It's safe to say that Byron Buxton is officially back!

It had been nearly 600 days since we last saw Byron Buxton in centerfield for the Minnesota Twins, but that wait seems like a distant memory now.

Buxton returned to the field for the first time since August 2022 on Opening Day and has been in the lineup almost every single game as either a fielder or hitter. That alone has been a sight for sore eyes, but he gave everyone a reminder of how good he is on Monday against the Dodgers.

In the top of the sixth inning he officially put to rest any notion that he might be hobbled or have lost a step and announced his return. Buxton made a diving highlight reel play of the season, chasing down a Teoscar Hernandez fly ball that would have dropped in for an RBI hit had Buck not trucked his way over to make a diving catch.

It was such an improbable play that Freddie Freeman was nearly doubled up at second base because he was so sure the ball was going to drop in. He, like everyone else in baseball, forgot what Buxton was capable of and he reminded them in short order.

Byron Buxton turned in his first highlight reel play of the year

This is more than just a spectacular highlight reel play by Buxton, it's a reintroduction and reminder that he's perhaps the best centerfielder on the planet when he's on his game. Injuries have been such a huge part of his narrative because they've robbed us of what he's capable of on a nightly basis. We only have a small sample size but it appears he might be on the other side of his injury woes; not even an eight foot felt bratwurst can stop him.

It's not a surprise that when Buxton is healthy he is a fixture in the All-Star Game and it's been a long held belief by Twins fans that a full season of him playing healthy would result in MVP-level stuff.

That catch is just a small taste of his talent, and he seems hellbent on re-establishing his dominance over the league this season. It's not only Twins fans who need him healthy but all of baseball deserves a full season of Byron Buxton.

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