Best memes and tweets from Twins fans after Luis Arraez-Pablo Lopez trade

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages

An offseason of change continues in Minneapolis.

All-Star second baseman Luis Arraez was traded to the Miami Marlins on Friday as part of a package that sends starting pitcher Pablo Lopez to the Twins. Early returns on the trade appear to favor the Twins in terms of who won the deal, but it's hard to quantify or grade how much fans loved Arraez and how painful needing to sacrifice him as the key part of a trade to acquire Lopez was.

As far as reactions from Twins fans over the trade, it's basically the What Did It Cost? Thanos meme come to life.

The initial reaction was mixed. There was obvious celebration over the fact that Minnesota's rotation received some much-needed help but the cost of that being the fan-favorite Arraez was not taken lightly.

Fans within the AL Central were keeping an eye on the news too, with White Sox fans celebrating the trade -- which might not make Twins fans feel great about losing Arraez.

Lopez carries a heavy burden with him to Minnesota. Not only is he being seen as a much needed savior for a rotation that was middling at best in 2022, and much worse when you dig deeper into things, but he also needs to live up to the price paid to acquire him.

Time will tell whether Lopez can have a high enough impact on the rotation to balance out losing Arraez. Some of that burden also falls on who will replace Arraez in the Twins infield, but luckily that will be secondary to the execations placed on Lopez this season.