Minnesota Twins: 2021 Spring Training Preview and Guide

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Spring is here, and with pitchers and catchers already reporting, so is spring training for the Minnesota Twins. The first full team workout is today, February 23rd, and Twins fans should be extremely excited for the games to begin at Hammond Stadium in just five days.

With everything set to begin, this means it’s time for our Spring Training preview. We’ve already gone over some of the key questions that the Twins will need to answer before the regular season begins, but here we’ll go over who all is there, what the schedule looks like, and more to help you get ready for the first full Spring Training in over a year.

Spring Training is back for the Minnesota Twins, and we’re here to help you prepare.

We also broke down the preview into three parts, so let’s get into it:

  • Who’s at Spring Training and who might stick around?
  • What are three big storylines for the next month and a half?
  • How will the team fare in the Grapefruit League?

With that and a whole lot more in-depth work to cover, we start off with the Spring Training team and why your favorite player will or won’t be on the roster for the regular season.


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