Minnesota Twins: Four Questions to Answer during Spring Training

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The Super Bowl has ended, we’re halfway through February, and spring is finally around the corner after a brutal winter. With all that continuing to move forward, another bright spot is getting closer: Minnesota Twins Spring Training is almost here.

After back-to-back division titles and back-to-back playoff sweeps, the Twins are looking for a way to end the streak of 18 straight playoff losses and have the same level of success in the postseason as they do in the regular season. That all starts in Spring Training.

This a bit of a different group too. Mainstays of the past few years like Eddie Rosario, Sergio Romo, Trevor May, and more have all been replaced with new talent, whether it be youthful prospects or respected veterans, and the team actually looks to have improved a bit.

This Minnesota Twins team could be the most talented we’ve seen since the 2006 team. Spring Training is the time to make sure the team is ready for 2021.

The team isn’t completely ready to go yet. After several new additions and a bullpen with only five returning pitchers who threw in more than seven games last year, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered before the twenty-six player rosters are set for Opening Day:

  • Who’s starting in left field?
  • Who will close for the team?
  • Which pitcher is the fifth starter?
  • How do the new players fit onto this roster?

Spring Training will answer all of those questions, but for now, we’ll break them down for you and offer a preview and some predictions for what should be a fun season ahead. Get ready Twins fans, because with pitchers and catchers reporting in six days, it’s time to start preparing for baseball again.


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