The 2021 Minnesota Twins Schedule is already here!

Target Field, home stadium of the Minnesota Twins (Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images)
Target Field, home stadium of the Minnesota Twins (Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images) /

Just days after the Minnesota Twins 2020 schedule was released, the league followed it up by releasing the 2021 schedule as well.

The Minnesota Twins had just found out their schedule for the shortened 2020 season when just a couple days later the team found out their schedule for 2021. There’s always some highlights, and the Twins tweeted them out:

The schedule is way more than just those ten highlights. We break it down here:

The Three Easiest Series for the Minnesota Twins

Third-Easiest Series: April 23-25 vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates were a dumpster fire of an organization last year and their weak pitching almost ensures that they will be in the same spot both this year and next. They might even be worse off after the team continues to rebuild by trading veterans.

They get this spot over the Detroit Tigers because I expect Detroit’s top prospects to arrive in the majors for the 2021 season, making their games a little tougher than the pushovers they are now. In addition, the Pirates will be coming into Minnesota after an off day for the Twins so the team can recuperate. This looks like a sweep.

Second-Easiest Series: May 24-26 vs. the Baltimore Orioles

The Twins murdered the Orioles in 2019, and the team is still in no better shape than it was last year. With a talentless roster and very little help immediately on the way, they won’t be contenders any time soon.

On top of this, these three games are come after three in Cleveland, but those six have two off days as bookends. This will be a very easy run for a team in a pretty easy month overall, making this the second easiest.

Easiest Series: May 28-30 vs. the Kansas City Royals

All of their series against the Royals should be easy, but this one in particular will be nice. The Twins come back home against an easy team following the three games against the Baltimore Orioles we listed earlier.

In addition, all six games are at home and with an off day wedged in the middle. You couldn’t ask for an easier week.

The Three Toughest Series for the Minnesota Twins

Third-Toughest Series: April 19-21 at the Oakland Athletics

The Oakland A’s aren’t the toughest team on the schedule, but they’ve won 97 games in each of the last two years, and their core of solid hitters are backed by an improving pitching staff with young prospects that are ready to make the leap.

To make matters worse, those three games in Oakland end a six game road trip and twelve straight games. That’s a brutal stretch for any team, but having games against the Los Angeles Angels, Red Sox, and A’s really isn’t easy.

Second-Toughest Series: August 5-8 at the Houston Astros

The Astros have won over 100 games in three straight seasons, and the core group of Justin Verlander, Alex Bregman, and George Springer should still dominate in 2020 and 2021. They’re a tough out.

The Twins have to play this team four times in August, right after facing off against the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds, both of whom will at least compete in 2021. Though the Twins will be good, this is a tough test.

Toughest Series: August 19-22 at the New York Yankees

The dreaded New York Yankees top this list, as the Yankees look equipped to be a powerhouse for at least the next five years. The Twins head to New York for a rough four-game stretch. It get’s even worse.

The Twins have to travel to New York after playing a grueling six games against the powerful Tampa Bay Rays and a likely still-relevant Cleveland team, meaning they don’t have an off day for 10 days. Ouch.

The Minnesota Twins Home Opener

The Twins get to open the season against the interleague rival Milwaukee Brewers on April 1st. It’s not a surprise that the Twins don’t open the season in Minnesota, as they haven’t in the last five years.

This year, the break feels longer. The Twins will play six games (two series) over seven games before returning to Target Field for the first time in 2021. On the bright side, it’ll be against the Seattle Mariners, so it should be an easy one.

2021 Minnesota Twins Season Final Notes

  • No National League West or East teams grace the Twins’ schedule in 2021. This means no Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres (they’ll be great by ’21), Philadelphia Phillies, or Atlanta Braves. This will be excellent for their chances.
  • Only getting six games against the Rays will be helpful, as the Rays are only going to get better. Most AL Teams play Minnesota seven times.
  • This season will be the Twins’ chance to prove themselves as legit contenders (a lot of people think this season doesn’t count). I don’t think they’ll miss that shot.

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