Minnesota Twins Schedule: Breakdown, New Predictions, and More

An interior general view of Target Field looking out from behind home plate Photo by Wayne Kryduba/Getty Images)
An interior general view of Target Field looking out from behind home plate Photo by Wayne Kryduba/Getty Images) /

The revised 2020 Minnesota Twins dropped yesterday, so we break down the new schedule and all of the games that lie ahead.

Major League Baseball dropped the new team schedules for every team in professional baseball, including the Minnesota Twins, and who will play when the season starts July 23rd. Unfortunately, Twins fans will have to wait until the 24th for Twins games to begin, but it’s still nice to know when and where the team will play:

There are several key takeaways to make from this schedule:

  • The Twins only play the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds three times, while playing the Milwaukee Brewers six times.
  • The Twins’ easiest part of the schedule is the middle.
  • The Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers are in Minnesota at least six times.
  • Watch out for the end of the season.

With those in mind, let’s break it down.

The Minnesota Twins get lucky in interleague play

In my 2020 record prediction, I thought the Twins would be getting four games against each NL Central opponent. As it turns out, the Minnesota Twins are getting even luckier than I thought. Here’s why: The Reds and the Cubs are tougher teams to face than the Brewers.

For starters, the Cubs and the Reds both have better pitching. The Twins will beat teams with a lineup that doesn’t really have any holes, so their ideal opponents are teams with good hitting, and bad pitching. That’s the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Brewers only have one pitcher that is particularly great, while the Twins’ lineup is way better than the one the Brewers will have. Playing six games against our Wisconsin rivals will be a lot of fun this summer.

The Minnesota Twins can start slow….

The Minnesota Twins only play seven official games in July, but they get three games against a vastly improved White Sox team on the road, two games against a St. Louis team that made it to the NLCS last year, and two games against a Cleveland team that won 93 games last year. If the Twins come out of that stretch 4-3, I’ll be happy.

…because August will be kind to them…

August will be a breeze. 19 of their 30 games come against teams that lost 89 games or more last season. Minnesota does have to play three games in Milwaukee and three games in Cleveland during road trips, but the Twins should win 20 games in August.

…but September will be the real test.

The season is too short for the Twins to build a real lead, so September will be hard. The Twins get two games in St. Louis, seven straight in Chicago (four against the Sox, three against the Cubs), then three in Cincinnati to finish the year. The only upside is they get six games against Detroit, all at home sprinkled in.

I still think the Minnesota Twins will win the division, but those seven games in Chicago will end up deciding the division, as the Indians ends the season with four at Detroit, then seven straight at home (four against the Sox, three against the Pirates). It’ll be a race, for sure.

One last Minnesota Twins thing

The last thing to mention is the Twins play seven games against the Indians and six against the Tigers at home, while playing only four at home against the Royals and just three at home against the White Sox.

Home field advantage won’t be the same without real fans, but traveling will still be hard. The Indians are supposed to be the biggest competitor, so having them at home for seven games will be a huge boost for the Twins.

Getting the Tigers for six or having to play in Kansas City for six shouldn’t matter either way, as the Twins should win all twenty of those games. I know they won’t win all twenty, but still, both of those teams aren’t good.

The White Sox games are tricky. They really did get a lot better, and while I don’t think they’ll steal the division, having to play seven games in Chicago won’t be a cakewalk. Their prospects could just flop and they won’t do anything, but at the same time, the opposite is more likely.

The season will be an interesting one, and with just sixty games in the season, every single game matters. I believe the Twins will keep up and take home their second division crown.

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