Minnesota Twins: Eddie Rosario, a rising star


The Minnesota Twins will need contributions from everybody in the clubhouse to make it back to the playoffs in 2018.

Eddie Rosario was a big part of the Minnesota Twins turnaround last season. Along with Byron Buxton in centerfield and Max Kepler in right, Rosario helps give the Twins one of the best young outfields in MLB.

For Minnesota to take the next step they will need Rosario to repeat his performance from last season. He hit .290 with 27 home runs in 589 plate appearances in ’17. Rosario runs the bases well but his 106 strikeouts are too high. However, in the Minors Rosario had excellent strikeout numbers, so there is hope.

His youth, to go along with his bat, make Rosario an intriguing player for the Minnesota Twins. Rosario put it all together last season for the Twins and his future is bright. The key for Rosario now becomes maintaining that productivity consistently.

What to expect in 2018

Projecting what Rosario will do for the Minnesota Twins in ’18 is tricky. He is young and has only put together one full season in the majors. Furthermore, players put up All-Star caliber number one season, then put up replacement level numbers the next season all of the time in MLB. However, Rosario has always hit well and Twins fans should expect that to continue.

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Rosario won’t hit .290 again this season. However, he should still hover around .280 or better. He takes his share of walks and gets on base, and that’s what the Minnesota Twins will need in ’18. The pitching staff has questions all over so this team will need all the runs they can get.

However, Rosario provides value with more than just his bat. He covers a lot of ground in the outfield and has a good arm for left field. The aforementioned outfield trio for the Twins will help cover for the weak rotation. His future is bright and Minnesota has the makings of a good young core, along with Buxton and Miguel Sano.

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Minnesota can do more this season than just challenge for the American League Central division crown. If everything breaks right, the American League pennant isn’t out of the question.