Minnesota Twins: Where Have You Gone Eddie Rosario?


We are quickly approaching 70 games into the 2016 season and already the Minnesota Twins find themselves with a very different looking roster.

Save for Byron Buxton who recently regained his starting position, the Minnesota Twins currently have just a third of the starting outfield coming out of Spring Training and also just designated Oswaldo Arcia for assignment.

With Miguel Sano out with injury and Eddie Rosario currently in Rochester, the Twins find themselves looking to the likes of Danny Santana, Max Kepler and the most unlikely of players, Robbie Grossman.

Of all the outfielders, it has been Grossman who has surprised the most as he was picked up by the Twins after the Cleveland Indians waived him.

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Since joining the Twins, all he has done is hit .289 through 29 games with five home runs and 15 RBI’s. Grossman has no doubt brought so much needed offensive stability to the outfield, an area Rosario struggled in.

Entering the season, there were a lot of questions surrounding Rosario and whether he was a long term option for the Minnesota Twins and their future outfield.

We made some staff predictions before the season started and for the most part it seems we pretty high on Rosario.

Mind you, the jury is still out on Rosario as we haven’t even gotten a full season from him but his poor performance (.200, three homers and nine RBI’s in 32 games) was a huge letdown after his unexpectedly productive rookie year.

Rosario’s rough year matched with Sano’s injury and future obviously not being part of the outfield has left the Twins with yet another question regarding the outfield.

Will he become another flash in the pan for the Minnesota Twins or will he come back better than ever?

Who will be a future mainstay for the Minnesota Twins in the outfield? And is Grossman a potential option?

It probably goes without saying the Twins are expecting Buxton and Kepler to be future key contributors to the club but what about the third slot?

They do have several enticing options in the minor leagues in Adam Brett Walker, Travis Harrison and the aforementioned Rosario.

It’s been a very small sample size but Grossman has proven to be a viable option. However, he seems more fit to be a fourth outfielder, especially given his ability to play all three spots.

It seems more likely the Twins would look to the likes of Rosario or Walker, given how highly regarded the pair are.

However, one can’t help but feel Rosario would make for an enticing trade chip to a team looking for a young outfielder with solid speed, decent power and a strong arm.

In return the Minnesota Twins may be able to receive another starting pitcher from a team desperate enough for help.

But it will be an interesting race moving forward. Rosario’s disappearing act is similar to what happened to the likes of Kennys Vargas and Josmil Pinto.

Will he become another flash in the pan for the Minnesota Twins or will he come back better than ever?

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The organization and fans alike would probably prefer the latter as the Twins try to piece together their once promising outfield situation.