Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton Still Need Patience


Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton have been the Twins future stars waiting in the wings, until now. Both have been called up this year earlier than I expected. Both also have plenty of hype to go around. Are they worth all the attention? They should be but like the last four losing seasons, patience is key.

Sano and Buxton have similar paths to the majors. Both have excelled and given hope for the future. Both have had injuries that slowed their quest to the show. And now both will play in the 2015 season for the Twins. With this in mind I predict, like Buxton, Sano will struggle at the plate for a while.

Mar 9, 2015; Bradenton, FL, USA; Minnesota Twins third baseman Miguel Sano (61) rounds the bases after a solo home run during the second inning of a spring training baseball game at McKechnie Field. Mandatory Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Sano is prone to striking out a lot. On the flip side he owns a career .373 OBP. What is expected of him is the power he possess. He’s increased his home run total every season since 2011. Most likely he will DH more often than not. His fielding percentage is below average and he could be a liability at third base.

As mentioned before the key is patience. Even though I have judged Sano based on his minor league stats it is unfair to him. Try to imagine his situation. All through the minors he’s been the sharing the prospect spotlight with Buxton. Being labeled the future star of the franchise. That’s a lot to live up to.

This morning while listening to the radio, Dan Gladden said on 1500 ESPN that when he was a player and a highly touted prospect gets called up they would let him be. Even instructed “not to touch him” for 30 days.

That is what Buxton and Sano need. They should go about living their lives with little pressure and reduced hype.

We’ve waited patiently for Buxton and Sano to reach the majors, now let’s wait patiently for them to succeed.

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