Monday Mailbox: Will the Minnesota Twins Trade for an Ace?


No. I don’t see the Minnesota Twins trading for an ace. When teams trade for an ace at the deadline it’s usually for a two-three month rental. I don’t see the Twins trading one of their young prospects for a rental. Only way I see it happening is if a team is willing to take on Ricky Nolasco, Mike Pelfrey, or Phil Hughes. Which likely won’t happen. The Twins once traded a prospect at the deadline by the name of Wilson Ramos for closer, Matt Capps. If the Twins trade a prospect again at the deadline, they will have to be getting a David Price type player in return. I just don’t see it happening.

Danny Santana had an abysmal May. He hit .205, with 20 strikeouts. He’s currently hitting .226 on the year and he hasn’t been great with the glove (10 errors). If Santana continues to struggle early in June, Twins manager, Paul Molitor will likely make a move. We all knew there would be growing pains with Santana in the field at shortstop. But, after hitting .319 last year, many people were expecting more from him at the plate. Let’s see if he can snap out of this slump.

This is what we call a good problem. The Twins will have to make a decision when they determine Sano is ready for the big leagues. Two scenarios make the most sense.

  1. The Twins move Trevor Plouffe to left field. Making room for Miguel Sano at third. However, Plouffe has really come into his own as a third baseman this season.
  2. The Twins make Sano their everyday designated hitter. The Twins offense lacks power and Sano has power for days. The Twins have also been searching for a DH since…

Another option would be to trade one of the players. If I were a betting man though, my guess is that the Twins would do one of the two scenarios listed above.

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