Minnesota Twins: Top Ten Things Gene Glynn Is Thinking Over At Third Base


When Paul Molitor took over the managerial job with the Minnesota Twins, a lot of new faces came about on the coaching staff and one of those is fellow Minnesota native Gene Glynn. Glynn was born in Waseca and graduated from Waseca High School and Mankato State University. He’s had a lot of coaching positions throughout baseball, last year he was the manager of the Rochester Red Wings and now he is the Twins’ third base coach.

And nobody wants to talk to him.

Okay, that might not be accurate. No one has talked to him because no one has reached third base yet for the Twins in the early stages of the season. So with the help of state-of-the-art technology that no one else uses in baseball, we know what Glynn is thinking over at third base.

Because I want to be David Letterman, here’s our Puckett’s Pond Top Ten List! (Open the thing, Paul)

10. I worked on my arm waving all spring for this?

9. *Shake it off, shake it off* Oh, crap. Did we actually get a hit?

8. C-A-S-T-E-L-L-A-N-O-S. Castellanos. Yes. Got it!

7. And I thought Rochester, New York was depressing.

6. Maybe if I stand on third base, nobody will notice.

5. There’s power in that Mauer beard.

4. Eminem is not in that section…

3. I wish I was Butch Davis.

2. Ervin Santana was on to something.

1. I’m pretty sure Cowboy Joe is staring at my butt.

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