Ron Gardenhire Is Not Coming Back To The Minnesota Twins


No matter what the record over the last four years tells you, Ron Gardenhire is a good manager. If you don’t want to accept that, well, at least accept that he is a competent manager. If you can’t accept that, stop reading right now and go back to the hole your head should be in.

I know the beat writers down in Fort Myers have to report it when Gardy is around, but there is one thing that we all need to understand: Ron Gardenhire is not coming back to the Minnesota Twins.

Not because the Twins don’t want him, General Manager Terry Ryan has made it very clear that Gardenhire would be welcomed back to a front office-like role with open arms, but because Gardenhire doesn’t need the Twins anymore.

Gardenhire will get another managerial job next season. There is no doubt in my mind. He’ll be one of the most sought after managerial candidates around the league. Plus, he wants that. He told the Star Tribune that he has a lot of baseball left in him and that he wants to manage again if some team wants him.

That will all happen. I think the Twins have accepted that privately, but are still playing the game publicly with Ryan making comments like he hopes that Gardenhire will go on special assignment from time to time this season.

He won’t. Why would he? Gardy is getting paid millions of dollars this season to do nothing after years and years of never stopping. I’d take the money and the year off. I’d watch my son coach UW-Stout, which is the only reason Gardy was at the Twins complex anyway.

Ron Gardenhire was a faithful soldier of the Minnesota Twins for many years and he still respects the franchise, but why would anyone go on duty after being let go from the job you love. A job that you’re pretty darn good at.

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