Minnesota Twins’ Miguel Sano Is Adorable


We all know that the Twins future lies a lot in the talents of Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano, those two names have been pounded into our brains over the past handful of seasons. The two should be making their Target Field debuts soon, this season hopefully, but did you know that Miguel Sano is insanely adorable.

He is a good looking, dude, but that’s not the specific adorableness I am talking about.

In the Minnesota Twins’ spring training game on Monday afternoon, Miguel Sano hit an absolute blast of a home run. That’s not a shock, because, frankly, that’s what is supposed to happen when the ball hits Sano’s bat. The unexpectedly cool thing is what Sano said about the homer after the game to Rhett Bolinger of MLB.com.

That is adorable. And confident. A confidence that hasn’t been seen on the Twins roster in quite a while.

I don’t know if this comes from the tutelage of Torii Hunter or not, but this is a money quote. The kind of quote that once is said as a reporter you start to do a little dance in your head.

People eat it up. 320 retweets on Bollinger’s tweet shows just that.

The future is bright for the Twins and Sano. It’ll be a bright and very enjoyable future if this kind of confidence can come from not only just Sano, but from the rest of the roster as well.

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