Don’t Let Vegas’ Minnesota Twins Odds Roll You Away


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… except for sports odds. Those get out of town pretty darn fast and pretty easily. The odds are not in the favor of the Minnesota Twins.

In fact, they have the worst odds of any team in the American League Central to win the World Series in 2015. Long, long, long odds.150 to 1 odds.

Don’t take those odds as a sign that the Twins will totally stink in 2015. They won’t. Or at least they shouldn’t. That’s not me trying to keep your interest in the Twins and in turn this site, but it is the truth.

Just look at the names in the Twins lineup from the exhibition game of the exhibition season against the Minnesota Golden Gophers last night: Byron Buxton, Miguel Sano, Kennys Vargas, Eddie Rosario, Jose Berrios.

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That’s a solid lineup. A lineup that should all be at Target Field sooner than later and once they get there; they should last a real long time.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe the Twins will win the World Series in 2015. At best, as in everything goes right and there is a good chunk of luck involved, the Twins could sneak into the playoffs this season, but that’s it. They probably won’t even do that.

Across the plaza in Target Center there is an interesting nucleus of young pups and old wolves. The same is happening at Target Field. Torii Hunter is the Kevin Garnett figure now, but that role might shift to Joe Mauer by this team is really competitive. That’s a good thing.

The Timberwolves might not win many games in the final month of the season, but they are going to be fun to watch. Young pups trying to play and impress. I don’t know if players for the Twins will want to impress Hunter or Mauer, but the talent is the same.

The time is coming. Don’t let the Vegas odds roll you away.

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