Says Twins Have Baseball’s Best Farm System


Today,’s Jonathan Mayo took the time to pen an article that should have all Twins fans focused on Spring Training buzzing. While his colleague Jim Callis believes that the Chicago Cubs have the best farm system in Major League Baseball, Mayo says that it is the Twins providing the cream of the crop instead.

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While understanding that the science of evaluating prospects is relatively subjective, Mayo notes that the Twins make it hard to pick against their farm system as the best in baseball. The Minnesota Twins have six players in Major League Baseball’s top 100 prospects, and that’s where Mayo starts his argument for the best farm system in baseball.

Although the Twins have what sees as the best prospect in all of baseball in Byron Buxton, Mayo is quick to point out that his belief comes from the sheer quality the Twins possess. Despite the fact that Buxton being number one overall carries significant weight, the Twins also have plenty of prospects within the top 50 as well. Another point that Mayo continually goes back to is the balance of the Twins top prospects.

Looking at the breakdown of the Chicago Cubs farm system, there are plenty of hitters that come to mind. Unfortunately, the Cubs don’t have a whole ton of young pitching prospects to get excited about. This is where Mayo sees the Twins standing out. Not only do Buxton and Miguel Sano pace the organization, but Alex Meyer, Jose Berrios, and Kohl Stewart are all plus arms in the Twins organization.

One of the most telling pieces of information in regards to the Twins system comes when Mayo discusses the merging of quality and quantity amongst prospects. He says, “As much as their six best prospects make the Twins’ system stand out, the fact that there are several players after that half-dozen who could be big league regulars is what truly gives the organization “best system” status. Impact players plus depth makes for a truly special system, and Minnesota has that combination.”

Knowing that the Twins see Jorge Polanco, Eddie Rosario, Lewis Thorpe, Nick Burdi, Jake Reed, and a host of others as contributors at the major league level is truly what makes the system special. Minnesota has constructed a prospect pipeline that should help to sustain winning at the major league level for years to come.

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