Twins Spring Training: Understanding The Action

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Understanding The New Skipper

The Twins are generally creatures of habit when it comes to Spring Training. Ron Gardenhire leads the group, Tom Kelly looks on, and players such as Tony Oliva make their appearance. This season will provide something new for everyone in the organization. Paul Molitor is set to kick off his first season in charge, and will be back by a different coaching staff in 2015 as well.

For fans, keying on how Molitor goes about managing a game will be a talking point for the first time. Understanding things deeper than lineup construction will come to fruition. Molitor will have the opportunity to show off how he deals with situation baseball, and what his feeling are for putting players in specific situations to best help the Twins.

At the end of the spring, watching closely enough, Twins fans should have a pretty good idea how certain situations are going to play out and how specific players may start the year. With a handful of young players looking to make a splash, getting the process down in Fort Myers will carry them into 2015.

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