Alexi Casilla Is Interested In Reuniting With The Minnesota Twins


It’s always good to have friends. True friends, like friends that you’ve had since high school. The kind of friends that would help you get a job. Ex-Twin Alexi Casilla is interested in coming back to the Minnesota Twins because of a childhood friend that the Twins just gave a lot of money to.

That friend, of course, is Ervin Santana.

Alexi and Ervin have been friends since childhood. Alexi knew Ervin when he was still Johan! With his friend in Minnesota, Alexi has a sure-fire interest in returning to the state he once called home according to Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press.

As Berardino mentioned at the end of the tweet, there is no real spot for Casilla on the team. The Twins are infielder heavy. It doesn’t help that the Twins re-signed Eduardo Nunez for some reason, but that’s a whole other story.

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Casilla last played for the Twins in 2012, which also happens to be the last full season Casilla has experienced at the major league level. The past two seasons, Casilla has been a member of the Baltimore Orioles playing in a combined 63 games in the two seasons. 2013 saw 62 Casilla appearances and that, of course, means Casilla appeared in one game for the Baltimore Orioles a season ago. He played in 60 minor league games in 2014.

Casilla’s best days did come in a Twins uniform, but after appearing in nine MLB seasons, we know what Alexi Casilla is. What Casilla is doesn’t bring a whole lot to the table for the 2015 Minnesota Twins.

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