Minnesota Twins Web Gems: Santana, Shields and Rasmus


A happy Wednesday to you and yours. After days of melting snow, we received a shot of snow in Minnesota because Minnesota. No matter what the weather, no matter the day, we will always be here for your baseball needs. Want to catch up on the headlines of the day? Of course you do! Come along on the Minnesota Twins Web Gems via the Fansided Network!

  • Been an interesting Johan Santana day already. Latest news is that Santana has been shutdown in Venezuela due to a shoulder injury. Before that it was reported the Blue Jays, Padres and Yankees have all been keeping tabs on him. Jays Journal has more on the latter.
  • To who used to be the Twins mate at the bottom of the AL Central, the Houston Astros has signed outfielder Colby Rasmus. Watch out for Houston, just saying. Climbing Tal’s Hill has the details.
  • The Evil Empire hasn’t signed a big pitcher this off-season which is shocking. The Twins have at least signed Ervin Santana! Yanks Go Yard says the Yankees missing out on the likes of Max Scherzer and Jon Lester is a good thing for the Bronx Bombers.
  • Like the Yankees, the St. Louis Cardinals have missed out on Lester and Mighty Max, but it looks like James Shields might be back in the forefront of the Cardinals’ wishlist, via Redbird Rants.
  • Just in case you were curious: Pablo Sandoval doesn’t want the DH job with the Boston Red Sox. I didn’t know that was an issue mainly because David Ortiz is still breathing, but… BoSox Injection has more on the issue.
  • The Panda left San Francisco – maybe his heart, too, report unconfirmed there – but there is a blueprint on how the Giants can still contend with the pesky Los Angeles Dodgers. Around The Foghorn lays it all out.
  • The Marlins are down an ace, but hope to get him back after June 1. That’s when Jose Fernandez hopes to return. Marlin Maniac has more.
  • Twins note of the day: The Twins might’ve already signed their James Shields. Shields and Santana look a lot a like on paper… Hmmm.
  • Oh, also Jim Hoey:

I’m done. Enjoy the headlines and your Wednesday.

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