White Sox To Retire Paul Konerko’s Number Before Minnesota Twins Game


In the course of history there have been players that have dominated the Minnesota Twins. As we push through time, more of those players will emerge, but none might be as powerful as a man who has recently retired.

Over the years, Paul Konerko led the Chicago White Sox in bringing the boom against the Twins, but he and the team still has one last punch, one last blow right to the chest of the Minnesota Twins.

The White Sox will be retiring Konerko’s number, and rightfully so, but they will do it before a game against, you guessed it, the Minnesota Twins.

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The Twins will be forced to watch that number 14 be cemented in history from the dugout. They thought they were finally done with dealing with Konerko, but they have to face the inevitable highlight reel that will surely show a lot of success against the Twins.

Konerko kicked the Twins butt and now he handed that job off to Jose Abreu, a Twins killing torch. Maybe the Twins wish that Konerko was still playing… The Twins are just cursed to always go up against Chicago White Sox first basemen.

Have a happy retirement, Paul Konerko. I’d like to say it was a pleasure to watch, but you could’ve been nicer to the Twins.

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