MLB Network Doesn’t Know What A Selfie Is


I am not hip. I live in the boondocks, I listen to country music, I don’t know how to pronounce Ed Sheeran’s last name or Hozier’s name. ‘Take Me To Church’ sounds really cool to me, but I don’t exactly know what it is about. What I do know is what a selfie is.

A selfie, a thing that I never thought I’d explain what it is, is a picture of someone taken by the subject of the photo. This is most commonly seen with young people and their smart phones. This is why the forward facing camera is on your iPhone, folks.

It’s not really that hard of a concept, right? It’s a picture taken by a person in the picture, with potentially additional people or objects. It’s been going on for a handful of years already.

The MLB Network apparently did not get the memo.

The czar of the network’s Twitter account posted the following:

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First, it’s not a selfie in any way, shape or form. Unless professional photographer

Randy Johnson

, that’s what the Hall of Famer is doing after his baseball career, set up a camera and took the picture via remote, it’s not a selfie. Even if the Big Unit did it, it still probably wouldn’t pass the qualification.

Second, assuming whoever runs the account thinks a ‘selfie’ is just a picture of a people, this is definitely not the first picture of a Hall of Fame class. Heck, it’s not even of this class. Pictures of the four together were floating around on Twitter before the MLB Network tweeted this out.

Hell, the MLB Network tweeted one out THEMSELVES before they tweeted it out.

I’m sure the MLB is just trying to connect with the young folks and be hip and cool and ignore the fact that the Hall of Fame voting process is flawed. I know it’s the BBWAA and they got the class right for the most part this year, but still…. C’mon, MLB Network.

If you are going to tweet about a selfie, you should make sure that it is actually a selfie. It’s not hard.

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