A.J. Pierzysnki Signs With The Atlanta Braves


The domino affect can always be seen. When the Minnesota Twins announced that Joe Mauer would be moving to first base and no longer be a catcher, it made a position that was seen as being solidified into an instant hole. It made for a search for a catcher last offseason with many options presenting themselves. It eventually ended up being Kurt Suzuki, a good call in retrospect with him making the All-Star team, but some were calling for an ex-Twin.

That ex-Twins was of course AJ Pierznyski. The Twins reportedly offered A.J. a two-year deal last season, but A.J. turned it down to go to the Boston Red Sox. That didn’t last too long, as A.J. eventually ended up with the St. Louis Cardinals. Free agency hit again this offseason and A.J. is now off to the Atlanta Braves.

As Nightengale pointed out, it could very well be the last season in A.J.’s awesome career. Sadly, Twins fans won’t be able to wish A.J. a proper goodbye or just a hello this season as the Twins and Braves do not face off against each other in the 2015 season.

Good luck, A.J. You brought us Joe Nathan and Francisco Liriano and for that we should be forever greatful.

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