Minnesota Twins Year In Review: April 2014


Welcome to the baseball season of 2014! A good time was had by all! Especially Chris Colabello, but more on that later. A couple moves were made right away during the 2014 season and they highlight the April highlights.

Let’s hit the April showers and count down the top stories to hit Puckett’s Pond in April.

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5. Twins Acquire Eduardo Nunez

It was only April when the Twins acquired the second best Eduardo on the team. It was instantly seen as a weird move as he wasn’t really needed by the Twins. Nunez was once seen as the replacement to Derek Jeter with the Yankees and now he barely sees the field in the major leagues. Eduardo Nunez: a guy we’ll being talking about 20 years from now and wondering if he really was on the Twins.

4. Plouffe and Hicks’ Futures

I didn’t take long to declare that Aaron Hicks was struggling. I don’t think I was wrong. My solution to everything was to move Trevor Plouffe back to the outfield while Miguel Sano takes over third. An outfield of Oswaldo Arcia, Byron Buxton and Trevor Plouffe isn’t the worst thought ever, in my mind.

3. Sam Fuld Comes To Town

I declared Hicks done and the Twins pretty much did the same soon after. The Twins then picked up Sam Fuld which was fun, then he went back to the Oakland A’s and gave us another one of those trivia questions. We analyzed what Fuld coming to town would do to Hicks and it meant that we wouldn’t see Hicks. Bummer.

2. Twins Win Big

Sometimes ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ is not true. The Twins put a big beat down on the Royals in what was the Twins’ first home victory. The Twins won 10-1 while across the plaza Corey Brewer scored 51 points against his future Houston Rockets. No word yet on what happened with the Kansas City Royals. Wink, wink… nudge, nude.

1. Chris Colabello

The Twins offense was really good. That was surprising. Even more surprising was the fact that for a moment that Chris Colabello looked like the best player in Major League Baseball. At least in the conversation anyway. He tore it up for a bit and led the way in the early offensive surge for the Minnesota Twins.

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