The Perfect Gift: Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook


Although it is somewhat tough to believe considering the lack of snow on the ground, it is nearly Christmas, and we currently sit only 10 days away from arguably the biggest gift exchange holiday of the year. Despite their being other reasons for the season, there’s definitely one gift you must consider for the Twins fan in your family this season. The 2015 Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook has released, and it’s a home run.

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A few Minnesota Twins bloggers have combined their talents once again to bring the 2015 edition of the Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook, highlighting all of the players in the organization that we one day hope to be seeing at Target Field. The group includes Seth Stohs (@SethTweets), Jeremy Nygaard (@jeremynygaard), and Cody Christie (@NoDakTwinsFan).

As far as what to expect in the 2015 Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook, Seth Stohs explains it best:

"Of course, the meat and potatoes of the Prospect Handbook are the Prospect Profiles. You will find profiles in 89 Twins minor league pitchers and 69 Twins minor league hitters. Anyone who players from the GCL through the big leagues and still have Rookie of the Year eligibility remaining are profiled. Profiles take the following form. Jeremy provided a background on each player, where they’re from, how they came to the Twins and how they have done in previous years. In the 2014 Recap, Cody looks beyond the standard statistics. He provides a lot of splits and more. I did a scouting report on each player. For pitchers, what do they throw? How hard to they throw? For hitters, what type of hitter are they? Do they have power, speed? And finally, we worked together on a Forecast for ’15, in which we consider where each player could spend the next season. Here is a sample of a player profile, using the pieces from four separate profiles."

Whether you are looking to read through the handbook on your computer in PDF form, or from the comfort of your living room in paperback, Twins Daily has you covered.

The paperback will run you $14.99 and can be purchased here, or for $9.95 you can immediately download the PDF version here.

As the Twins farm system is loaded with talent including guys like Jose Berrios, Byron Buxton, Kohl Stewart, and Miguel Sano, there is plenty of content to salivate over. A breakdown is provided in one of the most must have publications for that Twins fan on your Christmas list.

Check it out today!

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