Another Reason Why The Minnesota Twins’ Glen Perkins Is Awesome


Minnesota Twins fans know how great Glen Perkins is. He is an All-Star closer and one of the few reasons to actually watch the Twins the last couple years. In fact, usually when he’s in the game it means things have gone right for the Twins and he’s about to seal the deal on a Twins win.

I really hope to see a lot more of Glen Perkins in 2015.

Anyway, we’ve all heard that Glen is a great guy. He’s a great radio guest and he’s a Twitter star, plus he’s one of us. He’s a true Minnesotan.

Perkins’ greatness struck again on Monday.

Yes, Glen Perkins bought the entire Twins front office Chipotle.

Why did Glen do this? Maybe he’s trying to convince Terry Ryan and crew to make a move. Maybe Glen had a gigantic gift card to burrito heaven? I like to believe that he’s just that freaking awesome.

In a world where a lot of athletes don’t get and start yelling at their teammates in practice, hello Kobe, it’s nice to know that the Twins have a good one sitting in the bullpen ready to close the game.

Can we just get the man a damn bullpen car now?

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