Minnesota Twins Willing To Sacrifice Draft Pick for Francisco Liriano


It’s not likely he’s coming back home, but the Minnesota Twins are opening the door wide open for another homecoming. The Twins are still asking and chasing to some extent, former Twins All-Star Francisco Liriano.

Not only are they chasing him, but they are willing to give up a draft pick for the left-hander. Yep, that is according to Darren Wolfson of KSTP.

The Twins have flirted with the idea of bringing back Liriano virtually since they traded him away to the Chicago White Sox. Liriano has found some success in Pittsburgh, but not enough to justify the contract he will be looking for.

Liriano is quietly already 30-years-old and is searching for a four-year deal. The good Liriano is amazing, but Twins fans know all too well that with Liriano comes the possibility of injuries.

The compelling angle to a potential Liriano reunion is the fact that Rick Anderson is no longer the pitching coach in Minnesota. It has been seen multiple times that pitchers once under the tutelage of Anderson have thrived after departing Minnesota. With Neil Allen now in place, it could be a drastically different story for Liriano and the Twins.

Even if the Twins don’t land Liriano, it is at least nice to see that the Twins are willing to go after some very quality free agent pitching.

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