Toronto Blue Jays Interested In Minnesota Twins’ Terry Ryan


How much do you like Terry Ryan? If you are not a fan of the Minnesota Twins GM, this might just be the story for you.

Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press is reporting that the Toronto Blue Jays are possibly looking at snatching Ryan away from the Twins.

The Blue Jays President/CEO Paul Beeston is leaving and many in Toronto would love the Twins’ GM. The Blue Jays were interested in Ryan when the Twins were facing contraction in 2001-02 and offered the job to Ryan.

It’s unclear if Ryan will be contacted at all for the job, according to Berardino. Berardino’s sources say the team’s search is under ownership control which seemingly would not be in favor of hiring Terry Ryan.

From an outsider standpoint, it is hard to believe that Terry Ryan would ever jump ship from the Minnesota Twins. Ryan is loyal to ownership and came back to his old job after his replacement turned out to be a burning failure.

Ryan has gone through health scares as well. I firmly believe that the only team that Terry Ryan will ever work for is the Minnesota Twins, but stranger things have happened.

While many fans seem to be happy about thinking about the departure of Terry Ryan, it still seems like a longshot.

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