Los Angeles Dodgers Designate Drew Butera For Assignment


Last season the Minnesota Twins re-signed three familiar faces: Jason Kubel, Jason Bartlett and Matt Guerrier. None of them came with the fanfare that Torii Hunter did. Now another ex-Twin is on the market that should make Twins fans even giddier than winning the Hunter sweepstakes.

On Friday the Los Angeles Dodgers designated former Twins fan favorite Drew Butera for assignment.

I’m not saying that the Twins should go get Drew Butera back, I am saying that the Twins need to go get Drew Butera back. Butera is a satisfactory catcher, but he can help the Twins in other ways too.

Butera can pitch. Why not, right?!

The Twins desperately need pitching, they just spent a bunch of money on Torii Hunter, so they are probably looking to get some on the cheap. Who would be cheaper than Drew Butera?!

Of course, this is all said jokingly. Butera more than likely won’t be transitioning to pitcher any time soon.

The idea of him being re-signed by the Minnesota Twins, though? Well, crazier things have happened. If Torii Hunter can re-sign with the Minnesota Twins, anyone can re-sign with the Minnesota Twins.

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