Minnesota Twins Might Limit Smart Phones and Music


The big news of the week, probably the offseason, will be the Torii Hunter season. Unless the Minnesota Twins sign a big name pitcher, think huge name, it will be all folks talk about.

I think a bigger story came out on Wednesday. A huge story.

Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press reports that new manager Paul Molitor is considering restrictions on cell phones and loud music in his team’s clubhouse. Here is a reminder that Paul Molitor is older than Ron Gardenhire.

Berardino reports that Molitor won’t ban smart phones; he knows that the practice would not be practical, but that he might put time restrictions on the use of them in the clubhouse. I imagine it being like high school in my day. Torii Hunter will now be in the corner with his hands in his hoodie pocket while he’s sneaking a text to his wife.

It’ll happen.

To the music, Molitor is not a fan of some of the music that is played loudly in the clubhouse. Berardino reports that Molitor does like classis rock, so that might emerge through the halls of Target Field. Headphones before the game are already quite prevalent, but they might become even more so if the music ban goes into practice.

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