Mark Hamburger and Eddie Guardado: Paths Cross Again


Minnesota Twins radio host Kris Atteberry made a TV appearance. I flipped over to 45 to catch some non-Thanksgiving Weekend Prep Bowl football and I heard the recognizable pipes. I probably geeked out over the fact that I recognized the voice a little too much, but, hey, I’m a geek.

It wasn’t the only time that Atteberry made me kind of geek out. Atteberry published a tweet about Mark Hamburger which got me thinking about this:

Told you that I’m a geek.

But to the real bread and butter or maybe the cheese and pickle of Hamburger:

It’s true. August 25, 2008 the trade went down. Every Day Eddie was sent back to the Twins in exchange for Hamburger. Which really is fitting when you think about Eddie Guardado.

Hamburger has only broken into the major leagues for five games in his career. Those games came in 2011 with the Texas Rangers. The Twins just re-signed the Minnesota native on September 4, 2013.

Hamburger is a whole lot of Minnesota. Hamburger was originally signed by the Twins in 2007. He went to Mounds View High School in Arden Hills. College at Mesabi Range Community and Technical College in Virginia, Minnesota. He was pitching for the St. Paul Saints when the Twins re-signed him in 2013.

Now with the possibility of Hamburger being under the tutelage of a man he was once traded for, get ready for the millions of talking points Hamburger brings. He has an amazing last name, he’s one of us, plus he was once traded for his bullpen coach. Twitter is going to love this.

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