Minnesota Twins Re-Sign Eric Farris


Maybe the answer the Minnesota Twins need in centerfield was in their organization all along? Maybe the Twins almost let him go? Maybe the Twins just re-signed their center field savior on Tuesday? All of these things are possible if you truly believe.

The Twins re-signed Eric Farris on Tuesday. The minor league portion of Farris’ Baseball Reference page says he is a Second Baseman, Outfielder and Shortstop while the major league page says he is a Pinch Hitter, Second Baseman and Left Fielder. Apparently, he’s quite versatile.

In 2014, Farris appeared in 133 games for Triple-A Rochester. 117 of those were spent patrolling center field while he only appeared in three games at second base all year.

Last year, Farris hit .280/.316/.356 with 44 RBI and 4 home runs.

The guy can make a highlight.

As Doogie pointed out in the tweet, Farris is signed with an invitation to big league camp. Crazier things have happened in the Twins organization.

Farris does have a little bit of major league experience. When I say a little bit, that is not over exaggerating at all. Farris has played in 14 games at the major league level. All games were with the Milwaukee Brewers. One game was in 2011, the other 13 were in 2012.

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