Byron Buxton Struggling in Arizona


Byron Buxton missed the end of the 2014 season as he found himself recovering from a concussion after a nasty outfield collision. The talented outfielder, and top prospect, headed into the Arizona Fall League to pick up some vital at bats he missed out on over the course of the season.

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It is best to remember that as Buxton headed down to Arizona, he hadn’t played in a game for quite some time. There was going to be a significant amount of rust that needed to be kncoked off, no matter how talented Buxton is. Enter his current slash line:

Obviously baseball is a sport of hot streaks and slumps, you’re not going to get a hit even half of the time you step up to the plate. Add a few months of rust into the equation, and this type of situation is likely to play out.

Despite the poor slash line, Twins fans shouldn’t see this as a reason for concern, but more importantly the fact that vital at bats are taking place now. Being able to have this situation play out now, rather than being green going into spring training is a great situation.

Byron Buxton should, if the Twins are willing to follow a better trend, find himself manning the Target Field grass sometime over the summer in 2015.

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