Miguel Sano Will Continue to Wait


The Minnesota Twins are going to head into 2015 looking at a new opportunity in a lot of different ways. For the first time in over a decade, the Twins will have a new manager. They will be looking to change the course of the franchise, and the Twins will be hoping a young crop of talent blossoms into major league all-stars. Just don’t expect Miguel Sano out of the gate.

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Third base has long been assumed to be the position waiting for Miguel Sano to make his triumphant entrance at Target Field. That is still very likely going to be the situation, but the plans are being adjusted.

When Terry Ryan addressed Twins season ticket holders last week during a fan forum phone call, Miguel Sano’s name was brought up. Although Sano is a young talent everyone is waiting to see, Ryan mentioned that coming out of spring training, there is almost no chance he is on the 25 man roster.

Before grabbing your pitchforks and running towards Target Field, it’s best to reasonably think through the situation.

Miguel Sano is coming off of a season in which he had Tommy John surgery prior to his season really getting underway. He lost a full year’s worth of development in the field, and he lost vital at bats at the plate. Now, Sano is more than talented enough to come up to the big league level right now and hit for power, but more should be expected from him.

Trevor Plouffe showed in 2014 that he can be a capable stopgap and even a utility player going forward. He flashed signs of power, he improved his range, and he looked like an average third basemen for much of the season. With that in mind, and despite the Twins Way of delaying prospects, Miguel Sano can grab his own opportunity.

Sure, he could hit the cover off of the ball throughout spring training and warrant a roster spot, but why not let him prove it. Start in Double-A and continue a torrid streak. Prove the rust is gone and you’re ready to go, and come May, watch as the roster opens itself up to the call.

Miguel Sano is going to be a contributor to the Twins returning to relevance. He is going to be the big, fun, power bat many are waiting for. He will make his debut, just don’t be upset if it isn’t as soon as you’d hope.

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