Twins Trade Rumors: Kurt Suzuki Stalemate


In Minnesota, the Twins have shown exactly how not to handle the Major League Baseball trade deadline, when it comes to their All-Star catcher Kurt Suzuki.  A guy that they currently have on a one year contract and want to extend, now is caught in the middle of indecision.

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On Kurt Suzuki’s end, he is looking to cash in on the rejuvenated season that he is currently experiencing.  While his power numbers are all but extinct, he has been a solid clubhouse guy and is batting above the .300 mark.  However, his expectation of a big pay-day backed by one strong season with mediocre catching numbers and an age in the 30’s, it just isn’t realistic.

Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN and 5 Eyewitness News is reporting nothing has changed in regards to Suzuki’s potential contract extension.

The Twins have shot themselves in the foot in regards to Kurt Suzuki’s trade value.  Talks of his extension have come to light more than his trade availability.  A team looking to deal assets for the All-Star backstop is not wanting to do so when they already know it could be a two month rental.

Minnesota has one day to change its focus, and the time is quickly slipping.  The best options for the Twins are to either get a contract extension done, and one that is tied to a logical salary, or deal Suzuki for whatever you can get.  Holding onto the catcher for the next two months, and then letting him walk does absolutely nothing for the Twins.

The hours are ticking down on the Major League Baseball trade deadline, and the Twins are up against it.