Twins Trade Rumors: Morales Dealt for Stephen Pryor


The first big news for the Minnesota Twins trade season has broken.  Kendrys Morales has been dealt by the Minnesota Twins to the Seattle Mariners for right-handed pitcher Stephen Pryor.

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Morales, who spent last season in Seattle before coming to the Twins, heads back with a .234 average and one home run through his first 39 games.  Morales is a great locker room guy, and has significantly better abilities at the plate than his results have indicated this season.

Struggling early, likely due to the silly signing rules and draft pick compensation tied to him, Morales got his season underway well after the Major League Baseball season had started.

The Twins were said to be interested in signing Morales long-term, however, with Scott Boras as an agent, it was always going to be a difficult situation to work through.

Seattle on the other hand has been looking for a bat to add in the lineup for quite some time, and while Josh Willingham could have been an option, the Mariners went with the more notable and familiar name.

In return, the Twins acquire Stephen Pryor.  Pryor, 24, was first called up by the Mariners in 2012.  As a relief pitcher over appearances covering three seasons at the Major league level (albeit with limited experience), Pryor has compiled a 2.81 ERA with 35 strikeouts over 32 innings pitched.

The Twins likely aren’t done making moves, and Morales being dealt signifies that truly everyone is on the market, while on the flip side, Seattle is going for it.