Twins Trade Rumors: Terry Ryan Confirms Twins as Sellers


The Major League Baseball trade deadline is mere days away, nine to be exact, and with the Minnesota Twins currently sitting at eight games below the .500 mark, changes are looking to be in store.  Short of another 90 loss season, the Twins will do what they can to right the ship.  Terry Ryan is making his team available however.

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Rhett Bollinger of is reporting that Terry Ryan has in fact come to grips with needing to deal some assets.

Ryan was quoted saying, “We’re in a tough spot right now and we’ve been in a tough spot for four years, so you have to listen. And that’s what we do.”

For the time being, Ron Gardenhire has been tasked with keeping things on track for the Twins.  Having been a manager for as long as he has, Gardenhire understands that the trade deadline can have an effect on both the veterans as well as the younger guys in the clubhouse.

“It’s easy for me to say but it’s tougher for the guys in the clubhouse because they know what’s at stake.” – Ron Gardenhire

Gardenhire said, “We all know they’re talking about it.  If you watch TV and all these shows, they’re talking about all these moves and all sorts of names get thrown out there.  It’s the same way every year.  You just have to put it on the backburner.  It’s easy for me to say but it’s tougher for the guys in the clubhouse because they know what’s at stake.”

As the deadline looms closer, it is becoming more of a matter to whom, and when, guys like Josh Willingham, Kurt Suzuki, Kevin Correia, and even Kendrys Morales are traded.

Yesterday, reports of the Twins offering an extension to Suzuki surfaced.  However, it seems that the negotiations didn’t get far, likely in part due to Suzuki banking on benefiting from one of the best offensive season of his career.

The Twins have also been rumored to be looking at Kendrys Morales as an option for more than just his current one year deal.  It remains likely that should Willingham get dealt, Morales could stick as the club’s designated hitter.

With all things surrounding the Major League Trade Deadline, the rumors will continue to be fluid.  Stay tuned for updates throughout the next week.