Weekend Web Gems: Strikeouts, Second Chances and Hair


Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

“Did you think I forgot about you? You probably wish that I did.”

Throw in my need for a Valentine’s Day post and the return of House of Cards (see above quote from episode one of season two), a Weekend Web Gems never reached the interwebs yesterday, but don’t worry I’m here now with some of the best gems yet.

Welcome back.

A good thing about pushing back the gems is my ability now to linked to Randball’s Stu’s stuff over at Twinkie Town. This week’s satire is all about Derek Jeter and is brilliant as always.

Seth Stohs of Twins Daily caught up with Aaron Hicks at Twins Fest and writes about Hicks’ second chance at the MLB level.

Cody Christie wrote about the increasing strikeouts for the Twins and more specifically that of Joe Mauer.

Frank Viola has some crazy awesome hair back in the day. Brad Swanson found that out in his rookie card of the week post.

The Twins have always had great promotions and they released their schedule for promotions. I found the best ones and put them in a post, there’s also a link to the whole dang list. I hope you enjoy my shameless self-promotion.

Here’s a music suggestion: Eric Church’s ‘The Outsiders’. It doesn’t appear to be on Spotify at the moment, but you’ll like it. It’s what country and rock and roll should actually be. Just listen to it. Trust me.