Top 2014 Minnesota Twins Promotions and Giveaways


Picture from Twins official Twitter Account:

The Minnesota Twins released their promotions schedule for the year and I picked out my top promotions for the year. This year the Twins have brought back the bobbleheads! Rejoice! You can find the full list of promotions at the Twins website.

Fur Bomber Hat – April 25 – Detroit Tigers – First 10,000 Fans

We’re Minnesotans. It’s cold. We like hats. It all makes sense here.

BBQ Tongs – May 26 – Texas Rangers – First 10,000 Fans

There’s nothing more American than baseball and BBQ.

1984 Twins Road Kirby Puckett Jersey (Size: L/XL) – June 5 – Milwaukee Brewers – First 10,000 Adult Fans

The rate jersey promotion for adults! It’s even more awesome because it’s the powder blue, baby!

All-Star Game Snoopy Figurine – June 6 – Houston Astros – First 10,000 Fans

Charles Schulz is one of the most famous Minnesotans, mostly known for the Peanuts comic stip. Combining Snoopy and the Twins is just a no-brainer. (P.S. I’m definitely going to this game)

Gardy Gnome – June 7 – Houston Astros – First 10,000 Fans

This is more of a St. Paul Saints like promotion, but I love it when major league teams actually get creative with theirs. Plus, the Gardy Gnome is excellent alliteration.


Harmon Killebrew 1965 All-Star Game Bobblehead – June 20 – Chicago White Sox – First 10,000 Fans

The first of the four bobblehead promotions for the Twins, three of which will be based on the Twins history in All-Star games. Plus, it’s Harmon and everybody loves Harmon.

Lou Gehrig Bobblehead – July 4 – New York Yankees – First 10,000 Fans

This one is weird. July 4, will be the 75th Anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s speech and the Yankees are in town. I’m sure it’ll be a neat bobblehead and well done, but it’s just plain odd to have a promotion about a man that never played for (or against) the Minnesota Twins.

(Editor’s Note: It was brought to my attention that the Yankees were playing the Washington Senators that day, soooo… at least there’s an argument)

Tom Brunansky 1985 All-Star Game Bobblehead – July 5 – New York Yankees – First 10,000 Fans

In 1985, the Twins hosted the All-Star game in the Metrodome and Bruno was the only Twins representative. That’s why this is happening and it’s neat. Plain and simple.

Twins Headphones – July 19 – Tampa Bay Rays – First 10,000 Fans

This promotion is brought to you by Delta, so I instantly imagine they are giving away old, crusty airplane headphones. I kid, but I doubt they’ll be a Beats or Bose quality but Twins garb is always awesome.


Twins HOF Induction Ceremony/Chuck Knoblauch HOF Pin – August 23 – Detroit Tigers – First 5,000 Fans

The Twins Hall of Fame ceremony is always fun to attend (even though it does push first pitch back about 30 minutes). This year’s inductee, as you probably already know, is Chuck Knoblauch and you could grab a nice pin if you show up early.


TBD 2014 All-Star Game Bobblehead – September 6 – Los Angeles Angels

The final bobblehead promotion of the year is still to be determined, but it will be of the likeness of the Twins All-Star representative. So, more than likely, it will be Joe Mauer. It could possibly be Glen Perkins. Maybe we could get the double-bobble again if both are elected to the all-star team!

Fireworks Friday Nights:

June 6 – Houston Astros

June 20 – Chicago White Sox

July 18 – Tampa Bay Rays

July 25 – Chicago White Sox

August 15 – Tampa Bay Rays

August 22 – Detroit Tigers