Ben Revered


In a recent series-opening victory over the Orioles, the Twins pounded out 20 hits and scored 19 runs, a record for Target Field. Despite the amazing offensive production from the whole team, the highlight from the night has to be awarded to an individual defensive play. And the winner is? Ben Revere.

That victory seems like a distant speck of joy from the past. This past week of Twins baseball has been painful in about every way. Still, Revere continues to be one of the only bright spots shining down on the team this year. His play has led to numerous reports speculating the Twins can now afford to trade Denard Span. It’s also led to articles praising the “2-3” punch of Revere and Joe Mauer. He’s currently batting .309/.346/.363, with as many steals as strikeouts (21). That’s incredible. The 24-year-old has played in only 65% of the team’s games, but already ranks 4th among Minnesota’s position players in WAR and has a UZR/150 rating of 34.7, which would rank him #1 in the entire MLB if he had only played enough innings so far this year to qualify. Even more incredible. If the stats aren’t enough, indulge some more by clicking the links provided below; they’ll take you to magical memories of speed, grace, gravity defiance, Spiderman, and, of course, somersaults.

Revere shares a name with an Massachusetts  great, Paul Revere, who rode his horse on country roads to alert those abroad of the British’s coming. (I hope I related that correctly, if it’s wrong blame Sarah Palin.) Paul has been long gone, but today his namesake resides in Minnesota’s spacious right field. It seems on a nightly basis that Ben gets on his horse and gallops to snag baseballs that seem to be sure base hits, bringing rare moments of joy to Minnesota fans everywhere. He’s also making a name for himself in the process, so let’s make sure not to miss any of it.