Yankees fans are deeply unwell watching Sonny Gray and Joey Gallo destroy them with Twins

New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins
New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages

A shoe that Minnesota Twins fans never thought would fit has found its way to the other foot. In a total reversal of fortunes, the New York Yankees can’t seem to find a way to get the upper hand on a team they’ve regularly used as a punching bag in the past.

It’s only the regular season, as Yankees fans will be the first to point out, but that’s exactly the point. We live in a world where the Twins have so dominated the Yankees this year that fans in the Bronx are forced to try and rationalize what is happening and put it into context.

This is not something anyone is used to, but it sure feels good for Twins fans.

So far this year Minnesota has won three of its first five games against New York, outscoring the Yankees 21-13. Monday’s win at Target Field was particularly sweet, serving as a revenge game for two former Yankees players.

Sonny Gray was on the mound and tossed seven scoreless innings with eight strikeouts. Zooming out, Gray’s dominance over the Yankees is just another in a long line of hot starts for him this year. In 29 innings he’s allowed just three runs and lowered his ERA to 0.62 on the season.

He didn’t do that for the Yankees.

Joey Gallo, who turned into a pariah while with the Yankees and was scapegoated by the fan base, launched a home run that traveled further than any that he hit with New York. As John Sterling said on the WFAN broadcast, the home run had to have felt extra sweet for Gallo after all he went through with the Yankees.

It was total domination, again, and Minnesota is showing signs that the rivalry might have flipped around for once.

Yankees fans react to Joey Gallo home run, Sonny Gray domination with Twins

Needless to say, Yankees fans were straight up not having a good time.

The caveat is that it’s only April and the Yankees can get the last laugh with four wins in October, but for now this is a sweet feeling that nobody can take away from Twins fans.

For years the Twins have been a speed bump for the Yankees, especially whenever the teams meet in the postseason. It’s a sick realization that all roads for Minnesota end in teh Bronx, whether it’s the one-game AL Wild Card game in 2018 or the many playoff series they’ve lost over the years.

It’s never a bad time to turn things around, though, and it’s not too late for the Twins to flip the script on New York. Minnesota has a 3-2 record against the Yankees so far this season and it sure feels like the start of something different in Twins Territory.