White Sox pitcher calls out Carlos Correa as a cheater

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

It's been a tough start to the season for Carlos Correa, one that some are taking extra joy in reveling in.

New York Mets fans remain deeply unwell about Correa burning their team and continue to be extremely weird about it in the form of calling him out for his poor start. The sentiment seems to be that the Mets dodged a bullet by not signing Correa, despite the fact it was Correa who decided not to sign with the Mets.

It's not just fans in Queens who are upset about Correa. Chicago White Sox reliever Keynan Middleton called Correa out after the Twins fell 6-4 on Wednesday night. Correa struck out to end the game and prompt Middleton to rip into him during his postgame comments.

After the game Middleton twisted the knife and ripped Correa for being a part of the Houston Astros cheating scandal back in 2017. That was something Middleton said made striking Correa out to end the game even sweeter.

White Sox pitcher rips into Carlos Correa over Astros cheating scandal

‘‘I knew I was going to face Correa, and I don’t like him,’’ Middleton said. ‘‘I enjoyed that.’’

The vitriol didn't stop there, as Middleton continued to harp on Correa and made it clear he genuinely does not like him.

"Not even a little bit," Middleton said when asked if he liked Correa. "I mean, he's a cheater."

The Astros cheating scandal is a cross Correa will forever have to bear, and as a result so will the fans of the team he plays on. The Twins are collateral in the rest of the league's justifiable distain for what happened with the team Correa was on, but now that he's their $200 million shortstop it's something they'll have to live with too.

Whether that's fair or not is beside the point, comments like this aren't going to go away and are going to continue to pop up as Correa's career in Minnesota continues.

If this wasn't annoying enough, imagine what will happen with the Twins start winning more games and become legitimate World Series contenders. Callbacks to Correa's days with the Astros will only get louder the closer to a title Minnesota gets, but it's time for fans to start training themselves now to not care when that inevitably happens.

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