Updated MLB Playoff Bracket after Twins sweep Blue Jays in AL Wild Card

The Minnesota Twins are off to Houston and the ALDS.

Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game Two / David Berding/GettyImages

It was a bad AL Wild Card series for both the Toronto Blue Jays and postseason curses for the Minnesota Twins.

In Game 1 the Twins snapped a miserable 18-game postseason losing streak while winning its first home playoff game in 20 years. A day later Minnesota won its first playoff series since 2002, beating the Blue Jays and advancing to the ALDS where the Houston Astros await.

What ruled especially hard about how things went in the Wild Card for Minnesota was how the curse being broken didn't give off any Final Boss energy. We've seen teams break curses in the past but be completely spent after devoting so much energy to getting the monkey off its back.

That didn't happen after the Twins won in Game 1. There was cathartic euphoria, but everyone from the fans to players on the field recognized that it was merely the first step rather than the end of something.

Minnesota is going carry that energy into the ALDS and a tough matchup against the Astros. The Twins had Houston's number this year, winning the seeason series 4-2 but the Astros are a completely different beast in October.

The first two hurdles were successfully cleared for the Twins, but now is when the team can start truly carving out a new legacy for itself.

Updated MLB Playoff Bracket after Twins beat Blue Jays in AL Wild Card

Things are all set in the AL, with the Rangers and Twins moving onto the ALDS. Both National League games get underway later on Wednesday night, with the Diamondbacks and Phillies looking to mirror what happened in the American League. Like Texas, Arizona is up 1-0 on the road while Philly is looking to close out Luis Arraez and the Marlins at home.

After those games are over, we'll have a fully updated playoff bracket below. For now, here's a look at the updated MLB Playoff bracket after the Twins clinched the AL Wild Card series on Wednesday:

American League

  • No. 1 Orioles vs. No. 5 Rangers
  • No. 2 Astros vs. No. 3 Twins

National League

  • No. 1 Braves vs. No. 4 Phillies
  • No. 2 Dodgers vs. No. 6 Diamondback

When does ALDS begin?

Both of the American League Wild Card series have wrapped up, with the Texas Rangers beating the Tampa Bay Rays earlier on Wednesday. Even if a series had gone the full three games, MLB already scheduled Saturday October 7th as the start date for the ALDS.

In fact, all four of the next round matchups will start on Friday with the NLDS getting underway that day as well. It'll be a buffet of baseball, one that Minnesota Twins fans will happily dig into -- and might not even be polite about who cuts in line.

The schedule was already tentatively set even before that, all that needed to be filled in were the exact start times and TV channels for each game.

FOX and FS1 will be airing the ALDS this year, with TBS getting the NLDS matchups.

MLB Playoffs 2023: Twins vs. Astros ALDS TV schedule (Updated)



Time (CT)


TV Channel

Game 1

Saturday, Oct. 7th


at Houston


Game 2

Sunday, Oct. 8th


at Houston


Game 3

Tuesday, Oct. 10th


vs. Astros


Game 4*

Wednesday, Oct. 11th


vs. Astros


Game 5*

Friday, Oct. 13th


at Houston


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